Nayanam Opticals & Eye Clinic is a certified dispensing optics in India.

So here is how we became the certified dispensing optician in India,

The institute started the Certificate Course in Ophthalmology Elimination, which led to the obtaining of the Certificate of Specialist Optometrist (CDO) in 2006. The course is designed in accordance with international standards in Optometrist based on courses offered in Western countries such as EE. USA, UK, Canada, etc.

ISDT tries to bring the minimum standards and standards for the optometrist, as well as define the role of the optometrist in the field of eye care.

The objective of the course is to raise the level of optometrists in ophthalmology distribution, perfect their theoretical knowledge and train them to use it in daily practice. Certify them to help them survive and thrive in the competition, as well as in the dynamic business and legal environment.

. Certified Drainage Optometrist (CDO) is an advanced training course in Ophthalmology.
. The course is specifically designed for working optometrists and individuals associated with the eye care field.
. The course is a comprehensive introduction to the concepts of optics and ocular distribution.
. The course focuses on updating the critical skill set for optometrists working to provide better and more accurate services and products according to customer needs.
. The course is presented in easy-to-understand language with many diagrams and pictures so that theoretical concepts can be well understood and applied in practice.
. The course attempts to present / define the optometrist’s range of providing eye care and visual aids.
. The course aims to help the optometrist improve their practice through a better understanding of the theory behind dispensing, improving technical knowledge and vocabulary, and improving communication with the client.

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Special Thanks to Mr.Devan C Joshi

Mr.Jose Mathew Recieving Certificate From Mr.Devan C Joshi

Mr.Jose Mathew Recieving Certificate From Mr.Devan C Joshi

We are the nearest certified dispensing opticians to people from Kannur that includes the following localities :

  1. Payyanur, Kannur
  2. Thalassery, Kannur
  3. Taliparamba, Kannur
  4. Payyambalam, Kannur
  5. Valiyannur, Kannur
  6. Thavakkara, Kannur
  7. Azhikode, Kannur
  8. Talap, Kannur
  9. Kannur Cantonment
  10. Kuthuparamba
  11. Mattannur
  12. Ancharakandy
  13. Chala
  14. Chelora
  15. Cherukunnu
  16. Cheruthazham
  17. Chirakkal
  18. Chockli
  19. Dharmadom
  20. Elayavoor
  21. Eranholi
  22. Iriveri
  23. Kadachira
  24. Kadirur
  25. Kalliasseri
  26. Kanhirode
  27. Kannadiparamba
  28. Kannapuram
  29. Kottayam-Malabar
  30. Mayyil
  31. Mavilayi
  32. Munderi
  33. Muzhappilangad
  34. Narath
  35. New Mahe
  36. Paduvilayi
  37. Pallikkunnu
  38. Panniyannur
  39. Panoor
  40. Pappinisseri
  41. Pathiriyad
  42. Pattiom
  43. Iritty
  44. Peralasseri
  45. Peringathur
  46. Pinarayi
  47. Puzhathi
  48. Thottada
  49. Valapattanam
  50. Varam