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From basic frames without radios to bold, lively vibrancy, you will find countless glasses to celebrate your unique taste. Mirrors are tools that will definitely change your overall game style. Also, if you are considering the perspective of eye care, you should only choose glasses from well-known brands. Oakley Glasses is one of the most trusted and good brands in India. Offering a wide range of fashionable glasses for men and women, Oakley is known for showcasing sporty, functional and elegant eyewear designs.

Explore the range of Oakley branded glasses

Finding the perfect pair of mirrors is definitely a task when thousands of options are available. Definitely selected glasses will give the final touch to your overall look. So, you have to be very careful when choosing one.

Upgrade your style with the popular vintage round glasses or elegant seamless glasses depending on your preferences. At Titan iPlus, we offer a wide range of Oakley glasses online. Browse the latest Oakley glasses for men and women to find the next pair of your favorite frames.

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From oakley glasses for women to oakley glasses for men, you will be spoiled for choice. Titan iPlus is here to cater to the needs of every fashion lover. You can buy Oakley branded glasses online from the comfort of your own home. To make this more convenient, we offer a virtual test so that you can make sure the frame fits your face type.

So what are you waiting for? Look at the price list of Oakley Glasses online and start searching for options!

Types of Oakley Glasses



Thanks to the full rim alignment around the lenses, these are very durable and long lasting frames. Backlit glasses work well with most face types and give you a bold, elegant look.

Rimless glasses

Seamless frames are best for a non-minimalist sleek and slightly mature look. These frames are a good choice for those who wear glasses for a long time, because they are very lightweight and focus on your features.

Round glasses

The most popular trend of 2020, round glasses are suitable for square and rectangular shapes. They add a vintage atmosphere to your overall look.


Wayfarer frames are unique. Travelers starting in the 50s combine fashion and functionality. Choose these to fit most comfortably throughout the day.


What’s the secret to getting the best eyeglasses that suit my face?

Besides exploring the trends and latest styles, you must also consider a face guide to buying suitable eyeglasses. For instance, the vintage round eyeglasses are ideal for square faces as they balance the strong jawline.

What types of Oakley Eyeglasses are currently in style?

From classic rimmed frames to modern, edgy round eyeglasses, eyewear trends keep changing. You can choose from square, round, rimless glasses, and more according to your face shape and preference.

Should I get an eye test before buying new eyeglasses?

It is advisable to get your eyes tested before buying a new frame to check whether your vision is still the same or not. You must visit an eye doctor at regular intervals.

Which of the latest Oakley eyeglasses is preferable for a professional look?

If you are looking for your next pair of work eyeglasses, you can go for the sophisticated rimless eyeglasses for a distinct yet elegant look. These glasses are sure to make you stand out at work.