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Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss is a German fashion house founded by Hugo Boss in 1970. Initially, the brand manufactures clothing, then entered the spectacles line in 1989, at the same time expanding its production range. Hugo Boss became a well-known brand with a combination of European-inspired feel to their German skeletons. Class, refined kindness, attention to detail and superior material describe the Hugo Boss collections. Today the brand is recognized by its style labels: “Boss by Hugo Boss” and “Hugo by Hugo Boss”. The design of the Hugo Boss glasses offers quality frames similar to their designer clothing collections, with European craftsmanship with German technology. The brand has a total of seven series. Black, green, house, hugo, kids, orange and choice. The Black, Orange and Hugo collections are three series that offer glasses and shades. The frames of Hugo Boss men’s glasses are designed and crafted with precision and attention to detail. Matte finish and stainless steel metal frames are the most preferred in this range. Boss Orange has a fresh, vibrant and elegant look that reflects the brand’s identity and style. Vintage-inspired frames have a touch of modern grace. Wingtip-inspired frames provide a sophisticated silhouette that complements a neat outfit, while modern semi-seamless frames provide a modern, elegant look. Classic circular, rectangular, square and oval silhouettes come in vibrant colors such as turtleneck, glossy black or shiny metallic, with a touch of blue or crisp white. The Boss Black series is known for its trendy style and good performance. The Hugo Boss men’s eyewear collection offers elegant, modern designs that radiate masculinity and elegance. Hugo Boss Women’s Eyewear Collection is unique, beautiful and feminine.


Is Hugo Boss a good brand for glasses?

This is one of the best designer eyewear brands, as it’s famous for making classic styles bold. Every pair of Hugo Boss eyeglasses showcases luxury and superior artistry.

Where are Hugo Boss glasses made?

Neat hugo boss sunglasses, though i should warn you they are made in china. If that worries you it can be easily scraped off. Apart from that, it is very well constructed and it is an authentic hugo boss sunglasses.

Are Bose frames worth it?

The good The Bose Frames deliver surprisingly decent sound using embedded micro speakers. While the arms are slightly bulky, the sunglasses don’t feel heavy on your head and are comfortable to wear.