Carrera Sunglass


Depending on the rising subtropical heat index, sunglasses are a perfect balance of utility and style. The Carrera fashion brand offers you some fashionable Carrera sunglasses for all men and women that will make you look extremely cool and elegant. It also protects their eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. The Carrera range of sunglasses offers you different shapes, where you can model with different shapes, styles, materials, quality and frames and lenses. An irresistible collection of fashion accessories, here you can find the perfect application of sunglasses for men and women depending on the preferences, the choice and the shape and the shape of the face.

Stylish Carrera sunglasses for men

Everyone has the perfect Carrera sunglasses that fit the face like magic. Whether you have a diamond shaped face or a heart shape, your face is oval, long or round, there is the right Carrera sunglasses model for you that will give extra charm and confidence to your look. Carrera sunglasses for men are available in various styles such as aviator glasses, oval, round, retro square, rectangular and wafer. They also have a collection of sunglasses based on exciting themes such as gradients, metal frames, double wired, classic aviator, sophisticated plastic frames and printed frames. You can also see elegant shades and more vibrant pop color samples.

Carrera sunglasses for men are available in glasses and polarized lenses. You can get these Carrera sunglasses in a variety of colors such as pink, silver, green, brown, gray, blue and black. They offer equally elegant frames available in silver, gray, black, gold, blue and brown. Just as you can wear them for fashion and style, they can also be worn for eye protection while driving, cycling or running.

You can now find these stylish Carrera sunglasses in various sizes, such as large, medium and free sizes. Manufacturers pay close attention to comfort. You will find that these sunglasses are light and very comfortable, as they are equipped with polycarbonate lenses and light frames.

Carrera sunglasses for women

Like the amazing Carrera sunglasses collection for men, Carrera has an equally attractive range of sunglasses for women. Now regardless of the shape of your face – heart, round, oval, long, round or square – Carrera sunglasses are just right for each of you. Carrera sunglasses for women are available in a variety of subjects, such as round glasses, round tinted glasses and funky plastic frames. Available in medium and free sizes.

Carrera sunglasses also feature colorful lenses such as pink, green, black, blue, brown and gray. They are also available in a variety of colors such as black, brown, pink, green and gray.

Carrera sunglasses for women are elegant and durable. Considering the concept of comfort and convenience, they are provided with a lightweight polycarbonate lens and lightweight plastic frames that make sunglasses lightweight. The sunglasses are versatile and can be worn while cycling, driving and running or as a fashion accessory.

These multi-style Carrera sunglasses are available in different wafer, oval and round styles. They are again ideal for protecting your eyes from air pollution and the famous sun rays in the subtropical region.

In short, you can buy Carrera sunglasses as a fashion accessory or as an excellent eye care tool. They are also great as festive gifts for your loved ones!


Are Carrera sunglasses good quality?

These sunglasses are very comfortable. They have a good quality and the polarized lens give you a very crisp and clear image.

Are Carrera sunglasses made by Porsche?

Carrera first introduced Porsche sunglasses in 1979, where they both created a partnership, which includes unique designs and top-of-the-line sunglasses.

Where can I buy Carrera sunglasses in Kannur?

You can buy Carrera sunglasses from Nayanam Opticals India

Are Carrera sunglasses made in China?

Check the case and the arms. Check if your pair of Carrera sunglasses has the same country of origin on the packaging as on one of the temples – original Carrera sunglassesare made in Italy, Slovenia and China.