Sources From : Manorama Online
Masks, sanitizers and social distance alone are not enough to defend Covid-19. You can now put on a pair of glasses just for a style. Researchers in China have found that people who wear glasses are less likely to be infected.

People who wear glasses are less likely to touch their eyes frequently. Researchers say that this reduces the risk of coronavirus transmission from the hands to the eyes. It is estimated that ordinary people unknowingly touch their eyes at least ten times an hour. New research underscores the need to protect not only the mouth and nose but also the eyes to prevent the virus from entering the body.

A total of 276 patients participated in the research study, which was conducted in China. The study found that people who wear glasses regularly are less likely to become infected than those who do not. The risk of developing the disease was 5.8 percent for those who wore glasses, and 31.5 percent for those who did not.

Some studies have previously suggested the presence of corona virus in the tears of Covid patients. Covid was also reported to have been prescribed to ophthalmologists during treatment. Statistics also show that one to 12 percent of patients with Covid have eye problems.