Technology is ever growing but our human body is not completely in pace with the evolution. Technology might have made life easier and fast but the physical discomfort caused is often behind the curtain. The problem cannot be realized on a single day. With prolonged use, the adverse effects are harming the human body and here the discomfort is all about the vision.

So, what is the solution? Should we stop using those digital devices emitting blue rays? No, that cannot be the only solution. The modern eyewear that we offer covers the solution with its wide range of eyewear, sunglasses for men and lenses assures eye protection with a layer that helps to deviate the harmful impacts of the Blu ray.

Preventive measures

    • 20-20 Trick

Every 20 minutes take a break of 20 second and stare at something that’s 20 feet away from you. Needless to say, that it shouldn’t be another device emitting the blue ray.

    • Minimize The Brightness

While you are using the mobile phone or laptop make sure you minimize the brightness level. This might be a problem at the first point. Your eyes might take a little time to adjust but gradually when it becomes a habit it will be helpful for the most precious asset of your life. In mobiles, you can turn on the blue light filter. Here, we are also talking about the harmful UV rays that harm your eyes. You can dim that brightness by using sunglasses.

    • Increase The Text Size

Don’t give your eyes any stress while you are reading books. Increase the size of the document at a stretch; make sure you are increasing the text size. This will relax your eyes. You can sit back and keep yourself few feet away from the screen and still read the document.

    • Choose The Correct Lenses

Sunglasses and eyeglasses comes with a protective layer to solve the increasing digital strain. The lenses have power coatings and tints which are not only protective but maximize the visual abilities of the user.

    • Correct Your Sitting Posture

Check the seat you are taking when you are sitting with a digital device.Most of the people using mobile phones for long hours are using it in a very wrong position. You can always try to be conscious.

    • Avoid Dry Eyes

Dry eyes can be prevented by eye drop solution.