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Best Sports Sunglasses of 2021

May 9, 2021

Wearing eyeglasses is not only about protection, but it is also related to the personality of the individual. The use of eyes can reveal one’s personality. So choose your glasses …

Nayanam Opticals & Eye Clinic - Best Opticals showroom in India
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Best Opticals In India

May 3, 2021

With the 45 years of experience in Optical field, Nayanam Opticals has emerged as the best opticals in India. Nayanam Opticals & Eye Clinic is a well-known name in the …

Mr.Jose Mathew Recieving Certificate From Mr.Devan Koshi
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We Are Certified Dispensing Optician In India

April 28, 2021

Nayanam Opticals & Eye Clinic is a certified dispensing optics in India. So here is how we became the certified dispensing optician in India, The institute started the Certificate Course …

Nayanam Optical Centre Payyanur,India
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Oakley Sunglasses

Valentino Rossi’s Special Edition Sunglasses in partnership with Oakley

February 24, 2021

This collection of sunglasses was created in collaboration with Oakley, Valentino Rossi’s favorite eyewear brand. Its premium design uniquely reflects the style of VR46 and is suitable for all Vale …

Eyewear Care
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Eyewear Care

How To Care For Your Eyeglasses

January 23, 2021

If you are someone who wears a show, you know what glasses mean and how they help you see clearly. And, of course, they want more care than anything else. …

AntiFOG Spray prevents eyeglasses from fogging up while wearing mask
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Eyewear Care

ZEISS AntiFOG Spray Kit

January 9, 2021

An effective, inexpensive and convenient way to prevent fogging glasses. Everyone who wears glasses knows how annoying it can be when contact lenses fog up, for example when you come …

Nayanam Opticals & Eye Clinic - Best Opticals showroom in kannur
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Eye Checking

Driving License Eye Test

November 29, 2020

When drivers get behind the wheel, they not only drive their cars to protect themselves, but also to protect those who drive and drive around. Everyone who gets in a …

Nayanam Opticals & Eye Clinic - Best Opticals showroom in kannur
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November 24, 2020

Most eyeglass lenses come with enhanced lenses to reduce glare. This coating is known as an anti-reflective or non-reflective coating, which reduces glare from light sources such as mobile phones, …

Nayanam Opticals & Eye Clinic - Best Opticals showroom in kannur
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November 19, 2020

An eye infection can be very unpleasant and even painful. They occur when harmful bacteria, fungi, or viruses enter the eyes or surrounding areas. Fortunately, most bacterial eye infections can …