Most eyeglass lenses come with enhanced lenses to reduce glare. This coating is known as an anti-reflective or non-reflective coating, which reduces glare from light sources such as mobile phones, sunlight, computer screens, etc.
You simply chose your new corrective lenses and lens technology to correct your vision, improve visual comfort, and maintain eye health, but if your lenses aren’t always clean and clear, you’ll lose visual clarity and look great.

There are many types of lens enhancements available for your lenses, and it can be confusing what is available and why they are so important. Here’s a quick guide to improving your lenses.


Lens technologies such as eye protection and transitions can help protect your eyes from UV rays, and advanced lenses can also enhance eye protection to prevent harmful exposure. Ultraviolet rays can contribute to premature aging and eye conditions such as cataracts. All Crizal® UV lenses have the E-SPF® index, which certifies daily UV protection for your eyes. The higher the E-SPF® rating, the higher the level of UV protection provided by the lens.



Light plays an important role in your daily life, it plays an important role in your vision. It helps you perceive the world around you: shapes, details, colors, and your overall well-being by regulating sleep / wake cycles, mood, cognitive abilities, and more, but light can also cause premature eye aging. Regardless of the weather, you are exposed to blue-violet light from the sun and, to a lesser extent, blue-violet indoor light thanks to modern low-energy lighting. The amount of blue-violet light emitted by low-energy lighting, in particular LED lamps, is significantly less than the amount emitted by natural sunlight. Crizal Prevencia selectively filters blue-violet light, supporting the survival of retinal cells, and also preserves your overall well-being by letting in essential visible light.



While watching a movie, work on a computer screen or enjoy a sunset surrounded by light sources.These light sources create annoying reflections. Advanced lenses reduce glare, improve visual comfort, and cosmetically enhance your lenses by allowing others to see your eyes instead of glass reflections. If you are concerned about glare while driving at night, Crizal Drive can reduce glare by up to 90%. If you need clear lenses, order Crizal Sapphire UV. Crizal Sapphire UV reduces reflections no matter where the light is coming from for a superior looking lens.


As mentioned earlier, your lenses are made of plastic and plastic is made of a soft material. By taking good care of your glasses, storing them in the case when you’re not wearing them, or never placing your glasses on a table, you can minimize the chances of them getting scratched. Daily life can be challenging at times and you can scratch your glasses. Enhancements to the Crizal lenses include a reinforced surface to increase the durability of the lenses, making them scratch resistant.



We are faced with a changeable climate and the rain is likely to hit it more than once. Water can stick to the lenses, making it difficult to see clearly. For comfort and clarity, look for improved lenses that are water repellent and minimize adhesion to water. The hydrophobic layer is part of the Crizal, ensuring that your vision is not affected.



Increase lens clarity for clear vision with advanced dust-repellent lenses. Crizal’s antistatic properties are inspired by space technology and provide dust-repellent properties, ensuring that your glasses are your everyday ally.



Advanced lenses that are resistant to stains, water, dust and dirt mean that your lenses require less cleaning. It is very important to regularly clean the lenses with a microfiber cloth, and for a more thorough cleaning use a lens solution recommended by your optician. Talk to your optician today to discuss your lens enhancements.